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Albert Jackson
I have traveled the world and seen many things, found bliss in cultures new and strange. I have walked in places bright in structure and rule, but dark beyond understanding in soul, I know there are Islands that live to dance and sing; Cities where, tolerance and acceptance is the first approach in thought, and reasoning.

I am unbound by culture, creed, or religion yet immersed in them all. I see but do not follow, I record and reflect, I hear and let images speak. Dogma’s are like wine, they can all bring light divine or the might and tyranny to blind, I have found my truth, it moves in degrees, in shades and tone it breathes, like the wind that whispers secrets to the trees. Lines and colour twisted with emotion, faces and shapes of humanity greet me. These eyes of mine reflect the world and spectacles, I see great and small. I create from the soul and the hearts I meet. The mind alone is nothing without passions pull to lift its feet. I embrace and marvel at this fragile plane we traverse, where knowledge, pain, joy and lessons find there fainted nexus point to meet. Prints & Paintings Sculptured Furnishings Sculptures Paintings & Prints