Each of his pieces starts as a fully formed vision in his mind, before he begins his work. Then he welds, hammers, forges, and torch-carves raw materials such as steel, iron, copper, and wood into fully-formed, passion-driven, functional artworks: A chair with the wings of a butterfly. A glass table with the colors of fall leaves beneath its surface. His art is a visionary one, that strives to liberate the human spirit: A steel sculpture of a woman who gleams with fierce independence and eroticism. The painted, supple curves of a calla lily flower seeking its blessings of water and light. Albert Jackson produces sculptures and paintings with an immediate impact and a lasting poetic resonance. His artwork is steeped in meanings as diverse as Greek and Native American mythology. Albert Jackson's art cuts across boundaries to appeal to the universal human spirit yet each viewer can delight in finding their own personal truth and emotional meaning in his works.

Please note that Mr. Jackson's art pieces are under increasing demand from galleries and private collectors. Interested clients seeking to obtain limited editions of Mr. Jackson's artwork should contact him immediately.

Albert Jackson was born in Heidelberg, Germany on October 27, 1961, just a few yards away from the main gate to Heidelberg Castle. His father was in the military and, as a result, Albert's early childhood was spent on the move, criss-crossing numerous localities in the United States. His formative years were spent with his family in Colorado. Albert attended, the University of Colorado in Boulder, where he studied photography, philosophy, theology, political science, and computer science. Albert Jackson’s celebrity client list includes The Supremes, Tom Cruise. He currently resides in Seattle.

Contact: Albert Jackson | albert@albertjackson.comaalbert@albertjackson.coml
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