All Images Copy written by Albert Jackson

Composed of three 25" x 66" x 1.5" solid sheets of acrylic, weighting 150 pounds ea. Each section has been extruded in front and back, circular, geometric lines have been cut into the surface of each panel, vinyl lines and shapes in black and orange accent opposing sections creating enhanced levels of depth within the artwork. In-between each layer of acrylic sits two other key figures, a steel solute of a man. Placed behind another sculpted headless male frame, etched in green glass. Squares and circles made of hue changing semi transparent diacrylic glass punctuate the landscape of the sculpture. Action, manifests energy and motion, through its omni directional, fiery display of colour and imagery. One looks into, through, at, in-between, and around this sculpture. At every turn a different aspect of Action is defined, by ever changing cascades of light. Original sold at auction, copies available on order. $20,500.00 Prints & Paintings Return to Sculpture Group